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The missions program at Rock Springs Christian Academy starts with teaching biblical truths of Jesus Christ in our classrooms and weekly chapel services. As scripture and worship are used to inspire spiritual growth in the areas of stewardship and sacrifice, our layered missions opportunities and teachings are designed so students develop a biblical work ethic in servanthood that strengthens with each grade level. 

Some examples of how we cultivate servant-like traits within our students include continuously empowering them to use their own creativity and planning to collect and give toward programs like Trees for Troops and Myles Apart. Our kindergarteners sing and read to local nursing home residents. Members of RSCA's Chorus regularly share their musical talents with community organizations, and our high school seniors are serving to touch and change lives in Haiti through an annual missions project with Rock Springs Global Outreach

The impact of our carefully integrated missions program extends far beyond the walls of Rock Springs Christian Academy to make meaningful differences in our surrounding communities, our country, and the world.