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Chapel Service

Chapel services at Rock Springs Christian Academy are made up of contemporary worship, Bible-based messages, prayer, and the sharing of each others’ talents. As the school is a ministry of Rock Springs Church, our students are able to benefit from the incorporation of wonderfully talented musical and pastoral church staff who help lead our services.

Rock Springs Church staff who specialize in children’s ministry and middle and high school ministries are all involved in our chapel and missions programs. RSCA is excited to offer impressive and moving chapel services filled with the use of extraordinary talent; plus production-quality sound, visuals, lighting, staging, and more. But we are most proud of how powerfully Christ is working in our students’ hearts and minds. The impact is noticeable as we watch the spiritual faith and character ripen within our students as they grow and mature at the school.

Parents are always welcome to join us for Wednesday chapel services, but please first check in with the front office for a required visitors badge.