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  Name Title
Grace Anderson Anderson, Grace Para Pro/Fine Arts
Mary Anne Anderson Anderson, Mary Anne Receptionist
Madeline (Maddie) Bartlett Bartlett, Madeline (Maddie) Assistant/Learning Center
Seth Berkebile Berkebile, Seth Teacher/Middle School
Meghan Bettis Bettis, Meghan
Angela Boatwright Boatwright, Angela Para Pro
Rachel Boone Boone, Rachel Teacher/1st Grade
Rebecca Bowen Bowen, Rebecca Teacher/High School
Abigael Brown Brown, Abigael Assistant
Wendy Brown Brown, Wendy
Steve Chafin Chafin, Steve Athletic Director
Frances Chapman Chapman, Frances Records Clerk
Tomeka Chappell Chappell, Tomeka Preschool Teacher
Marsha Clark Clark, Marsha Instructional Lead Teacher
Cheryl Colwell Colwell, Cheryl Teacher/5th Grade
Willie Daniely Daniely, Willie Para Pro and Coach
Ingrid Dingler Dingler, Ingrid Teacher/Pre-K4
Kimberly Dyer Dyer, Kimberly Teacher/Learning Center
Sheryl Edwards Edwards, Sheryl
Carolann Evans Evans, Carolann Teacher/Middle School
Jennifer Ferguson Ferguson, Jennifer Teacher/Learning Center
Janet Gill Gill, Janet Teacher/High School
Sarah Glover Glover, Sarah Teacher/4th Grade
Janna Graham Graham, Janna Fine Arts Director
Laura Hearn Hearn, Laura Teacher
Kimberly Henson Henson, Kimberly Teacher
Lisa Hughes Hughes, Lisa Para Pro
Jennifer Jaros Jaros, Jennifer Assistant Director/Learning Center
Derrell Jeffcoat Jeffcoat, Derrell Head of School
Kim Jeffcoat Jeffcoat, Kim Teacher/Middle School
Zoya Johnson Johnson, Zoya Assistant
Felicia Kelly Kelly, Felicia Assistant/Learning Center
Robbie Kinard Kinard, Robbie Teacher/ High School
Wanda Lee Lee, Wanda Counselor
Mary Long Long, Mary
Janice Lynch Lynch, Janice Assistant/Learning Center
Carla Maples Maples, Carla Teacher/2nd Grade
Jan Mathis Mathis, Jan Teacher/High School
Amy Matthews Matthews, Amy Administrative Assistant
Nicole Mckenzie Mckenzie, Nicole Teacher/PreK
Bland McKinney McKinney, Bland Teacher/Middle School
Linda Milam Milam, Linda Teacher/2nd Grade
Marty Miller Miller, Marty Teacher/Middle School
George Olivier Olivier, George Teacher/Spanish
Dolores Owen Owen, Dolores Coach/PE
Gracie Parrish Parrish, Gracie Assistant
Marjorie Pierson Pierson, Marjorie Media Specialist
Deborah Quattlebaum Quattlebaum, Deborah Para Pro
Alison Rebuelta Rebuelta, Alison Child care Assistant teacher
Kristin Roney Roney, Kristin Teacher/3rd Grade
JoAnna Sexton Sexton, JoAnna Media Specialist
Kierstyn Sexton Sexton, Kierstyn
Brandi Seymour Seymour, Brandi Assistant
Michelle Sims Sims, Michelle Receptionist
Julius Stroud Stroud, Julius Teacher/Coach
Sarah Studle-Cato Studle-Cato, Sarah Assistant
Kayla Thompson Thompson, Kayla Teacher/Learning Center
Nancy Treadwell Treadwell, Nancy Assistant/Learning Center
James Varner Varner, James Bus Driver
Vaneta Viars Viars, Vaneta Para Pro
Kimberly Watson Watson, Kimberly Teacher/3rd Grade
Drew Westbury Westbury, Drew Teacher/Kindergarten
Diane Whatley Whatley, Diane Teacher/1st Grade
Lindsay Wynn Wynn, Lindsay Director/Learning Center
Susan Wynn Wynn, Susan Assistant/Learning Center
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