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Uniforms & Buying Guide

Uniform Policy

The goal of the Rock Springs Christian Academy dress code is that students present themselves in a clean and neat manner as a representation of RSCA. While we recognize the uniqueness of each student and seek to develop individuality, it is also important for each student to understand the concept of appropriate dress for particular situations.

Administration reserves the right to deem any article of clothing inappropriate and to require a parent to bring in an alternative article.

RSCA's Student Uniform/Dress Code Policy is available in our student handbook!



Everyday Apparel & School Uniforms • 411 McDonough Parkway, McDonough  • 770 898-0184

Griffin Trophy and Embroidery • 310 East Solomon St., Griffin • 770 227-3322

Pizazz Embroidery • 1350 Bucksnort Rd., Jackson • 770 412-1707

Hometown Boutique and Monograms • 51 W. Johnston St., Forsyth • 478 993-2183

Land's End • • RSCA School Code 9001-1932-2

French Toast • • RSCA School Code QS5LFEZ

Jess & Jenn's Monogramming and Gifts • 105 Coldwater Lane, Griffin • 404 569-6232