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Before/After School Care

Before/After School Times & Fees 


Before School: 7:00am - 7:30am → $3.00/ day 

After School: 3:15pm - 5:30pm → $216.00/ month billed on the 1st. 

Day Camp S.O.A.R. 7:00am - 5:30pm →$40.00/ day or check for weekly rate. (school holidays, teacher workdays, etc.) 

        Full Time After School is billed August through May at $12 per day in the 180-day school year. The full-time rate totals $2,160.00 and is billed on the first of each month at $216.00. Once enrolled full time billing proceeds without regard to attendance. If enrollment takes place after school begins, then billing will be prorated based on the start date through the remaining number of days in school.

         Part time Drop In is billed at $18 per day. Drop in does not require enrollment in After School, however anyone not enrolled in full time After School is considered a drop in and will be billed the drop-in rate. Middle and Elementary school aged children not involved in a school related activity under the supervision of an adult who are still on campus after 3:30pm must report to after school or risk automatic detention. 

        Late Pick up fee: $35.00 Please contact the Learning Center ASAP if you are unable to pick up your child by the designated pick up time. We do understand that emergencies happen. 

        Enrichment: Please contact the enrichment provider. Enrichment activities are exclusive to children enrolled in after school. 

Late Pickups: 
The late pickup fee policy will be strictly enforced so that we may provide proper care for our students. Although we understand that occasional tardiness may be inevitable, regular extended late pickups cannot be tolerated. Pick up is by 5:30pm for After School and Day Camp S.O.A.R. EST each day of operation. Beginning at 5:31pm for Day Camp S.O.A.R. and After School the late pickup policy will go into effect. If you are unable to be reached within 30 minutes, then CPS will be called by someone in administration.

1st Violation of picking up after the designated pickup time will result in a warning to the parent and the late fee being required upon pickup

2nd Violation of picking up after the designated pickup time will result in the late fee being required upon pickup and suspension from the program for one week.

 3rd Violation of picking up after the designated pickup time will result in the late fee being required upon pickup and revoking the privilege of using our Before & After School and Day Camp S.O.A.R. Programs for the remainder of the year. 



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For questions about Before/After School care or any of our camp offerings, email Mary Beth Long at


Enrichment Programs

RSCA is now offering after-school enrichment programs for students! Parents MUST enroll through each enrichment provider and students must be enrolled in afterschool to attend. Payment for these programs is to be turned in directly to the providers. Contact Mary Beth Long at with questions!

Please review the following after-school enrichment programs:


Piano lessons with Mr. Anthony

Martial Arts with Mr. Willee

Tutoring with Sandra Stratham

Summer Office Ho