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School Chancellor

Dr. Benny Tate, School Chancellor



Dr. Benny Tate is the founder and ceremonial head of Rock Springs Christian Academy. His passion for starting the school dates back to when he was just a young boy with limited opportunities. After years of prayerful work and ministry that saw God grow Rock Springs Church from a small church in the country to a church of thousands, Dr. Tate believed that God was calling him to start a school that gave deserving students “a leg up in life.”

He dreamed of a school that offered high-quality education, valuable opportunities, and the teaching of Biblical principles. He envisioned that this type of education could be affordable for more than just the upper class. So with great support from Rock Springs Church, various partners, and many prayers, Rock Springs Christian Academy opened its doors to students, immediately making an impact on the local community.

Dr. Tate continues to lead Rock Springs Church as its Senior Pastor, and he likes to think of his role at the school as “Chief Cheerleader,” providing Godly inspiration and representation through ceremonial occasions, special events, athletics, community functions, and more. He cares deeply about shaping the future of all students at Rock Springs Christian Academy, in their faith as well as their education.

The values and work ethic clearly demonstrated by Dr. Tate, in life and throughout his pastoral leadership at Rock Springs Church, are principles RSCA’s board of directors has used in designing our four core values.

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